Recently approved by the FDA, Restylane®-L takes the popular hyaluronic acid dermal filler to the next level by adding lidocaine, a local anesthetic used to reduce the pain of the injection for a more comfortable experience. The gel particle structure is the same as traditional Restylane® injections, producing the same level of results in smoothing away moderate to severe wrinkles and lines.

Where Can Restylane be Injected?

Restylane® is a proven hyaluronic acid dermal filler that is routinely used for mild to moderate creases in the lower face. This dermal filler with lidocaine can correct the appearance of those pesky nasolabial folds that develop around the nose and mouth. It can smooth away marionette lines that form from the outer edges of the lips to the chin. This filler is also delicate enough to plump the lips and add definition to the vermillion border. As a softer dermal filler, Restylane-L is very unlikely to cause what is called the Tyndall Effect, making it a great filler to reduce the appearance of undereye bags or hollows.

Who is a Good Candidate for Restylane?

Provided that you are in good health overall, you should be a good candidate for Restylane treatment. The main ingredient in this filler, hyaluronic acid, is already present in your body, so the risk of allergic reaction is nearly non-existent. Keep in mind that Restylane-L contains lidocaine, which could cause an allergic reaction. If you’ve ever had an analgesic injection at your dentist’s office, chances are you’ve been exposed to lidocaine and will tolerate it without complications. At your consultation visit, please do not hesitate to ask questions about this treatment and what it can achieve. To be fully satisfied with your choice in care, it is important to have realistic expectations regarding the results that Restylane can attain.

How Long Does it Take to See Results After Treatment?

Restylane is a rewarding treatment because you can see your results immediately. You may develop slight swelling due to the injection process, but this is minor enough to go about your day as usual. After one to two weeks, the true outcome of your Restylane injections will be apparent. Well before that time, though, we expect that you will love what the treatment has accomplished.

What is Recovery Like After Treatment?

You do not need to take any time off work or other activities to receive Restylane injections. To avoid unnecessary bruising or exaggerated redness and swelling, your provider may encourage you to postpone any strenuous exercise or activities for 12 to 24 hours. If you notice redness or swelling,  you can gently apply ice or a cold compress to the area to help the side effects resolve more quickly.

How Long Do the Effects of Restylane Last?

The results of treatment using Restylane-L can last six months or slightly longer. Subsequent treatments can be scheduled accordingly to safely and conveniently sustain a more youthful appearance.

What Are the Possible Side Effects of Restylane?

Being a dermal filler made with naturally-occurring hyaluronic acid, Restylane-L is associated with the most subtle side effects. Complications are extremely rare, with most patients experiencing only mild, temporary redness, swelling, and tenderness at their injection sites. It is also possible to experience itching and bruising. The last side effect can be mitigated by avoiding blood-thinning medications and supplements prior to treatment.

Most patients now prefer treatment with Restylane®-L for its added benefits. We are proud to offer this advanced new product at our practice to provide patients with the desired results of a Restylane® injection, which can last up to 18 months, with less pain and no need for additional medication.

How Often Can You Get Restylane?

Because Restylane fillers last up to six months or longer, most patients schedule follow-up appointments to have their treated areas refilled every three to six months. On average, patients typically have two to four injection sessions each year to maintain their desired look. Because the skin is constantly replacing itself, it’s important to commit to frequent treatments to ensure your skin is looking as fresh, youthful, and wrinkle-free as possible.

What Age Is Too Old for Fillers?

Believe it or not, you are never too old for dermal fillers. Since their purpose is to reduce the appearance of signs of aging and restore youth to the face, fillers are for people of all ages, but especially older patients looking for a youthful glow. While dermal fillers are most popular among women in their late 20s to their late 40s, anyone at any age can receive fillers. If you are 60 years of age or older, it may be helpful to speak with your doctor about your candidacy, effectiveness, and potential appearance of your results from fillers.

Do Fillers Make You Age Faster?

Because most fillers are absorbed by the body, when fillers disappear from the face, they can leave a distortion behind, causing your facial features to look slightly different than they did before you had fillers, making you look much older than your current age. However, this is only the case after frequent excessive treatment of fillers. When you schedule your appointments at the recommended pace for the specific purpose of maintaining results, these issues should not arise. In fact, Restylane, along with most fillers, is designed to make patients look even younger, so the reverse only happens if your filler is applied improperly or you get excessive treatments, which can easily be avoided.

What Happens Years After Fillers?

Over the years, as the body continues to absorb each applied filler, the skin from the treated area may become stretched out, appear sagging, or look irregular. Many times, these sagging pockets of skin left behind from where filler used to be can cast shadows along the face, making patients look tired, sleepy, and, sometimes, older than they are.

However, with the proper frequency, maintenance, and application, fillers should be the treatment that restores youth to the face. Over time, as your body ages and your skin moves along with it, your filler can be adjusted to look as natural as possible in the skin you have. There are also other skin rejuvenation treatments that help address sagging skin and lost volume in the face.

For most patients, Restylane proves itself worth the time, money, and attention, as it can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and bring back self-confidence in patients.

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