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Bladeless Lasik Eye Surgery in Honolulu, HI

Maehara Eye Surgery & Laser specializes in Bladeless LASIK eye surgery in Honolulu, HI performed with the Allegretto Wave® and IntraLase™ FS lasers. The accuracy and speed of this premier combination of lasers are nothing less than mesmerizing. Beyond equipment, we cannot over-emphasize the importance of a thorough safety evaluation of all LASIK in Honolulu, HI candidates. Safety is always our #1 priority. A close second priority is the absolute value for your money. We offer extremely competitive prices and physician-only care. This means Dr. Maehara will personally discuss your options, complete your pre-operative evaluation, perform your surgery, and carry through all post-operative care. <b?Only a consultation can help determine if LASIK is “safe and right” for you — call or contact us to schedule your free consultation today.

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Why Choose Dr. Maehara for Your Bladeless LASIK Eye Surgery

Dr. Maehara will provide the results you desire.

Located in Honolulu, with a satellite office in Waipahu, Maehara Eye Surgery & Laser are your eye doctors of choice and offer an array of services in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.

Dr. Maehara and friendly staff provide the highest quality ophthalmology care using the most sophisticated technology available and are dedicated to helping every patient enjoy the best possible vision.


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What is LASIK?

LASIK is a commonly performed refractive surgery procedure that can safely and efficiently improve vision by reshaping the cornea to correct:

  • Nearsightedness

  • Farsightedness

  • Astigmatism

Patients of all ages experience these vision problems as a result of an abnormal corneal shape that blurs or distorts vision.

Short for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis, LASIK in Honolulu, HI uses targeted excimer laser beam energy to gently remove, or ablate, corneal tissue to correct refractive errors and help patients see clearly. Millions of patients choose to undergo LASIK each year, and achieve clear vision without the need for glasses or contact lenses, while also benefiting from minimal downtimes and little to no post-operative discomfort.

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Candidates for Laser Eye Surgery?

Although LASIK is considered a safe procedure, it is not ideal for everyone. Your doctor will perform a thorough evaluation to determine whether bladeless LASIK is appropriate for you, or if you would benefit from another type of refractive procedure. The ideal LASIK candidate:

  • Is over 18 years old
  • Has had stable vision for at least six months
  • Has a health cornea thick enough for a flap
  • Have refractive errors that fall within the treatable range

It is also important for patients to fully understand the details and risks of the procedure, and maintain realistic expectations.

Risks of LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK is considered safe for most patients who are considered ideal candidates. There is a risk of infection or complications such as night glare, halos or vision worsening, although these are considered rare. Patients can further reduce the risk of complications by choosing an experienced surgeon to perform their procedure. Your doctor will discuss all risks with you during you LASIK Consultation at our offices in Honolulu, HI or Waipahu, HI.

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What Should I Expect at my LASIK Eye Surgery Consultation?

How does Bladeless LASIK work?

However, patients should expect to spend a few hours at the office.

Before the surgery, your ophthalmologist will administer numbing eye drops to reduce any potential discomfort during the procedure. If requested, patients can receive an oral sedative before surgery to relieve any anxieties about the process.

The patient will lie down during the procedure, and a speculum will be used to keep the eye open. First, the doctor will positions the laser precisely over the eye. While a microkeratome blade can be used in LASIK, the bladeless procedure uses a femtosecond laser to create the corneal flap, which gently lifts the surface of the cornea so that the excimer laser can reshape the curvature of the cornea. Once the flap is created, the excimer laser delivers completely customized pulses of light energy for each patient’s individual prescription. This customization is determined before surgery, with the precise positioning confirmed before triggering the laser. The second eye is treated right after the first, after which patients will be given protective shields to keep the eyes safe from bright lights after LASIK.

Lasik Eye Surgery Honolulu, HI

The Corneal Flap is Created and Lifted

Bladeless Lasik Honolulu, HI

The Corneal Flap is Created and Lifted


How long does the LASIK procedure take?

LASIK surgery is a quick outpatient procedure that takes less than five minutes to perform.

Are You Awake During a LASIK Procedure?

Yes, you are awake and asked to focus on a point of light. This is important, as it helps you keep your eye fixed while the laser reshapes the cornea. You are given medicine to help you relax, and your eye receives numbing drops, so you feel nothing.

Recovery After LASIK Surgery

Recovery from LASIK Eye Surgery is about 24 hours. After the surgery, patients will rest in the office for a short time before having someone else drive them home. Your doctor will likely recommend resting at home for a few hours. Most patients can return to work and other regular activities the next day. Strenuous exercise should be avoided for at least a week. Medication may be prescribed to relieve any discomfort, but most tolerate this procedure well.

Your doctor will provide you with specific post-operative instructions to ensure proper healing and to help patients achieve the best possible vision.

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See What Our Patients Are Saying!

“Finally got my LASIK surgery done by Dr. J Maehara after going back and forth if it’s worth the money or just wear my glasses and contact lenses. It only took him 10 minutes and I now have a 20/15 vision! It was the best decision ever! Life-changing just being able to see clearly without squinting my eyes.” ( Review)

“He was extremely empathetic to my needs and explained everything fully in a way that I could understand. He cared about ‘me’ and not just performing another procedure to add to his resume!” -Scott B.

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What Vision Results Can I Expect?

While it may take several months for full results to develop, significant visual improvement is noticeable immediately after the LASIK procedure. Most patients eventually achieve a vision that is 20/20 or better and can reduce or eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses. Although patients can achieve clear vision from LASIK, this procedure cannot prevent presbyopia, the age-related vision changes that occur after the age of 40. Many patients will need reading glasses for this condition, but their distance vision will remain clear.
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LASIK surgery with the team at Maehara Eye Surgery & Laser usually runs from $1,500 to $1,850 per eye. The variance depends on your unique situation, such as the degree of astigmatism. We provide discounts for active military personnel and their immediate families.

Does Insurance Cover LASIK?

LASIK is considered to be elective surgery, so it is not covered by insurance. Some large employers subsidize their health plans to cover at least a portion of LASIK costs. That is something to discuss with your company’s benefits administrator to be sure.

Can LASIK fix Astigmatism?

LASIK can fully correct astigmatism in most cases. Astigmatism is caused by the cornea being shaped more like a football than a normal round shape. The ultra-precise lasers used for LASIK can be programmed to reshape the cornea so the front surface of the eye is more symmetrical. In most cases, this will fully correct astigmatism.

Is LASIK Eye Surgery Painful?

There is no pain with LASIK surgery. Patients are first given medicine to help them relax. To start the procedure, you lie back in a reclining chair and we place numbing drops in your eye. Those keep you from feeling anything.

After your surgery, your eye may itch, burn, or be watery. Your vision will be blurry. There is little, if any, pain afterwards, and your vision recovers very quickly.

How Long Do LASIK Results Last?

Bladeless Lasik Ey Surgery Honolulu TXLASIK permanently corrects the refractive errors in a person’s vision, whether they were nearsighted, farsighted, or had astigmatism. The cornea is reshaped permanently, eliminating the cause of the refractive errors.

Some people confuse presbyopia — a condition that is almost universal after a people reach the age of 40 where the eye loses its ability to focus effectively on close up objects — with deteriorating LASIK results. However, presbyopia occurs in the lens of the eye, not the cornea that was reshaped by LASIK surgery. The lens is behind the cornea. LASIK doesn’t make presbyopia happen sooner or make it worse. Presbyopia is the reason you may need reading glasses after you pass your 40th birthday.


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