Cataracts Do Not Have To Permanently Rob Your Vision

The thought of permanently losing your vision can be tough to imagine. As important as our eyes are, they are very susceptible to damage or other issues related to medical conditions. Although many of these can cause a decrease in visual acuity and clearness, some treatments and procedures may be able to restore your vision, depending on the condition being treated.

One of the most common conditions of the eyes that causes vision issues is the formation of cataracts. Cataracts are the buildup of proteins on the corneal lens of the eye. In 2020, it was estimated that over 30 million people suffered from cataracts in one or both of their eyes.

Over time, this buildup can grow larger and interfere with your vision. Although cataracts are well established when they start to show symptoms, they will first appear as cloudiness or haziness. Eventually, they will begin to distort the images in your vision and, if left untreated, can lead to permanent blindness in the affected eye(s),

There is no “cure” for cataracts. But thankfully, there is a surgical procedure to remove and replace the damaged lens and restore your vision. In a procedure performed in the office setting that takes less than 30 minutes, Dr. Jeffrey Maehara or Dr. Dennis Maehara will make a small incision and replace the damaged lens with a clear, artificial interocular lens.

Most patients report almost no discomfort during the procedure. An eye pad or protective shield is usually worn for the first few days after the surgery. Complete healing and recovery will usually happen within two months. Although there may be some itchiness and discomfort during this time, they are generally very mild and can be ignored.

If caught early enough, vision issues caused by cataracts are treatable. However, since permanent damage and blindness can occur if the symptoms are ignored, contact Maehara Eye Surgery and Laser in Honolulu, HI, if you have any vision issues. A consultation can be scheduled by calling 808-955-3937 or visiting