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How To Know When You Need Cataracts

Our eyes go through a lot of change as we age. Usually, vision issues begin to creep up as people grow older. One of the most common vision issues that are most associated with aging is cataracts. Despite being so common, with an estimated 30 million people having cataracts, there is no cure or a way to stop or reverse its progression.

However, several risk factors can be managed to at least help reduce the likelihood of cataracts in the future. These include maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding excessive sun exposure, as well as avoiding excessive alcohol use and smoking. Although genetics and heredity play a major role in the likelihood of cataracts, minimizing the additional risk factors may help.

Though cataracts are inside the eye they are somewhat noticeable from the outside when they begin to grow. A cataract is an area in the lens of the eye where proteins have started to clump up and solidify. To the outside, this looks like a dense and cloudy area in the lens. Over time, this build-up of protein continues and will start affecting vision in the affected eye.

Some symptoms to watch for include blurring vision, troubles with night vision, fading of color, and sensitivity to glares. Since cataracts are painless yet can cause a progressive loss of vision, including blindness, it is important to see your ophthalmologist if you believe you have symptoms that might indicate a cataract.

Although there is no cure for cataracts, your vision can be restored if they are caught soon enough. Cataract surgery has one of the highest success rates of any surgical procedure, with a success rate of over 99%. Best of all, the procedure is painless, takes less than 30 minutes, and requires very little recovery time.

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