Looking for a New Skin Care Line? Look No Further than EltaMD

Elta MD Honolulu, HIEven though summer is coming to an end, that doesn’t mean your skin care should as well. In fact, you are equally as likely to get burnt in the dead of winter as you are on a hot summer day. To ensure that you maintain your skin care routine, we encourage all of our patients to try a unique skin care system like EltaMD that we offer here at our offices. So, what makes the EltaMD so unique? Read on to learn more.

They Contain Zinc Oxide

Unfortunately, not all active sunscreens contain zinc oxide. However, EltaMD sunscreens do. Zinc Oxide is an all-natural ingredient that acts as an additional physical barrier between your skin and the sun. By creating a sort of reflective barrier, zinc oxide helps the sun’s rays bounce off your skin and protect it against sun damage and burns.

They Are All-Natural

It can be frightening to pick up a skin care product or sunscreen only to read a bunch of weird ingredients that might as well be in a different language. One of the best things about EltaMD sunscreens is that they are all-natural and paraben free which means that you know that you are only putting the best ingredients on your skin.

They Are FDA Approved

Another great thing about Elta MD is that all of our sunscreens and skin care products are approved by the Food and Drug Administration— so you can rest assured that you not only have our word, but you have the federal government’s word for how well our products work.

Your eyes and your skin are two parts of your body that are often neglected. However, by wearing a sunscreen on your face and body year round, you can help protect your skin against harmful diseases like skin cancer. To learn more about EltaMD or to buy some of these products, contact Jeffrey Maehara’s office today to speak with our staff.

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