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How to Make Your Thanksgiving Meal Count Toward Good Vision

If a few days off, the thought of watching too much football, and the idea of loading your plate up with more food than you can imagine have you excited for the Thanksgiving holiday, then you are certainly not alone. Here at Jeffrey Maehara’s office, we are right there with you. To make sure that your Thanksgiving feast isn’t just adding calories to your waistline, but that it’s also giving you health benefits as well, we have created a list of foods that can help with your vision.

Sweet Potatoes

Whether you prefer your sweet potatoes steamed or in a casserole, it’s good to know that they are packed with more vitamins and minerals than you may know what to do with. One of the most important vitamins that are in sweet potatoes is Vitamin A which helps to prevent against macular degeneration and age related issues in the cornea and retina.


That lean meat isn’t just good for your lean protein intake, but it’s also full of zinc which is great at reducing advanced age-related macular degeneration and reducing the progression and development of cataracts.


Cranberries don’t just make a great vase filler to add to your centerpiece but they are also a fruit that contains Vitamins A and C which help prevent macular degeneration, cataracts, and other age related issues that may lead to vision loss.

We aren’t guaranteeing that you will see any clearer after Thanksgiving, but it’s still good to know that at least some of the food you are eating can help reduce vision problems. If you want to learn more vision care tips, schedule an appointment with Dr. Maehara at our Honolulu office. Call Us Today: 808.955.3937.

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