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What Should I Know Before Undergoing LASIK?

Questions to Ask Before A LASIK Procedure

Are you considering LASIK? Here are some quick answers to commonly asked questions about LASIK and what to expect from this popular procedure.

  1. Are LASIK results permanent?

Yes, LASIK permanently corrects errors in a person’s vision. Your cornea is reshaped permanently correcting the cause of refractive errors.

  1. Are you awake during the procedure?

Yes, you are awake. You will be given medicine to help you relax and given numbing eye drops so you won’t feel a thing. It’s important that you’re awake though to focus on a point of light. This helps keep your eye fixed while the laser does its work on your cornea.

  1. Does the procedure hurt?

No, there should not be any pain with LASIK. Patients are given numbing medicine before the procedure. There may be itchiness or burning after and your vision will be blurry, but it’s mostly an irritating feeling rather than pain.

  1. Can LASIK fix astigmatism?

Yes, LASIK can fully correct astigmatism in most cases. Astigmatism is caused by the cornea being shaped more like a football than a normal round shape. Ultra-precious lasers can be programmed to reshape the cornea to be more symmetrical. In most cases, this will fully correct astigmatism.

  1. How much does LASIK cost?

At Maehara Eye Surgery & Laser, LASIK usually ranges from $1,500 to $1,850 per eye. The reason for the range is that every situation is different and there are certain conditions like astigmatism that may cause it to be more. We also provide discounts for active military personnel and their immediate families.

  1. What is the recovery like?

It typically takes about 24 hours to recover from LASIK. You will rest in the office for a short time before being driven home by a friend or family member. You will likely need to rest a few hours but most patients return to regular work and activities the next day. Strenuous activities should be avoided for up to a week though.

We hope these answered some of your questions about LASIK. For more information about LASIK or to set up a consultation with Dr. Maehara, call us at 808-995-3937.

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