Give the Valentine’s Day Gift of the Century With LASIK

LASIK Surgery honolulu, HILet’s face it, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner you don’t want to end up in the dog house by gifting your significant other with a gift that is less than personal. Although jewelry, large teddy bears, flowers, and chocolates are favorites amongst many individuals, they aren’t exactly personal. Give your love a gift that will keep on giving not just throughout the year but for the rest of their life by gifting them with LASIK Surgery. If your significant other has a hard time seeing either near or far and they are always complaining about their bad vision, nothing will make them happier than restoring their eyesight. Read on to learn more about LASIK Surgery.

What Is LASIK Surgery?

Unlike traditional LASIK surgery, Dr. Jeffrey Maehara performs bladeless LASIK Surgery which is a faster and equally as effective surgical procedure. With traditional LASIK Surgery, a small blade is used to help shave off and reshape the cornea. However, with bladeless LASIK surgery, a variety of lasers will be used to do the same thing— which means less time and a lower chance of error.

What Are the Results Like?

The best part about LASIK eye surgery is the fact that your loved one’s vision will be restored to perfection after recovering from the actual surgery itself. And who doesn’t want to have perfect vision?

How Can It Be a Surprise?

Because we can’t perform bladeless LASIK surgery without conducting a consultation beforehand, you aren’t going to be able to fully surprise your loved one on Valentine’s Day. You can, however, schedule their consultation appointment for Valentine’s Day so that we can get the ball rolling sooner than later.

Get the biggest hug and kiss from your Valentine this year and give them a gift that they will never forget: LASIK eye surgery. If you would like to learn more about this procedure or other eye procedures, contact Dr. Jeffrey Maehara today and schedule a consultation appointment.


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